Highways in the United States can be extremely dangerous due to the high volume of traffic, the speed at which this traffic is moving, and the presence of large commercial vehicles on the roadways. In order to maintain highway safety, it is imperative that all drivers remain aware of their surroundings, drive safely and courteously, and act defensively.

Because of the aforementioned highway dangers, it is critical that drivers try to avoid accidents at all costs, as an accident on a major highway is likely to involve multiple vehicles and cause extensive damage.

In order to keep yourself and everyone else on the highway safe, here are a few highway driving tips that will hopefully reduce the risk of dangerous accidents on US motorways.

· You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. It isn’t enough to only pay attention to your own car, but you need to notice the other cars around you on the road and do your best to anticipate their actions. This is especially helpful if you are driving in an exit lane-you should be ready for cars to cut in front of you quickly if they need to exit suddenly.

· Be sure to obey all posted speed limits and safety signs. These signs are implemented for a reason, and can alert you to highway dangers that you may not be able to see or anticipate otherwise. Adhering to posted speed limits is also a good way to prevent accidents from occurring. Be observant-many highways have reduced speed limits at night due to limited visibility, and you will want to comply with these changes.

· When driving next to large commercial trucks and vans, you will want to exercise additional caution. These vehicles often have large blind spots in which smaller cars can disappear. You will want to make sure that if you are driving next to a large truck or van that you are always in a position where you can be seen by the truck driver.

· If you are experiencing any car trouble, it may be best to avoid crowded highways. If something happens and your car breaks down, the likelihood of an accident is very high, and you could cause considerable congestion on the roadway. It is best to find alternate routes if you have any doubts about your car’s performance.